Keep On Kovers
Without Keep On Kovers
With Keep On Kovers
$15.95 per pair
Patent pending
Made in China
Using Keep On Kovers:  
  Protects cleats during your whole ride.
  Adds traction at stops.
  Retains loose screws.
  Comes off quickly for cleat maintenance.
Keep On Kovers are designed to stay on your Speedplay Zero or Light Action cleats at all times.  Clip in or out as usual.  No more hunting for covers at breaks.  No need to take them off when break is over.  Just put them on and forget them.

For Speedplay Zero or Light Action cleats
Both cleats used six months (4,000 miles). 
Keep On Kovers Z.3
Keep On Kovers
Keep On Kovers Z.3
$19.95 per pair
Z.3 version lasts FOUR times longer than Keep On Kovers!
Keep On Kovers X
$19.95 per pair
Keep On Kovers X
For Speedplay X series cleats
Same long lasting formula as Keep On Kovers Z.3
     Please note that Keep On Kovers are NOT        compatible with Speedplay Aero walkable cleats.
Keep On Kovers are made by Cycle Additions LLC, and is NOT affiliated with or to be confused                     with Kool Kovers, bicycle shoe cleat covers made by Pal Products LLC.